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Organizing conferences and seminars has become too familiar for businesses today. This activity has great significance in contributing to promoting the company's business. Although there are different purposes, such as promoting brand image and connecting with partners and potential customers, they all need to be carefully prepared. Join us to learn from A-Z about this activity!


What is conference and seminar organization?

The terms "conference organization" and "seminar organization" are frequently used interchangeably, which misleads many people into thinking they are synonymous. In actuality, though, these two groups' magnitude, goals, and substance vary specifically:

  • Regarding scale: A conference is a meeting held on a large scale. A seminar is a discussion usually held on a smaller scale.

  • About the goal: The conference is based on discussion and discussion to make decisions, make comments, or agree on a certain issue. The workshop is based on discussion to clarify the basis of the problem. From there, make suggestions, recommendations, or forecast trends based on a scientific basis.

  • Regarding content: The conference discussed major issues, was organized, and had specific topics to summarize and evaluate strengths and weaknesses. The workshop discussed several emerging scientific, theoretical, and practical issues.


Organizing conferences and seminars is an activity that businesses focus on

Popular conference type

Here are some of the most commonly used conference types:

Year-end conference

Most businesses carry out this activity at the end of each year to review the process of a year of operation. Based on that summary, businesses can draw lessons and, from there, give better operating directions for the next year.


Photos of the year-end summary conference

Investment and Development Cooperation Conference

This is a form of conference focusing on potential investment project portfolios. The content of the conference revolves around analyzing issues related to this project to promote investment activities from home and abroad.

Customer appreciation conference

Customer appreciation conferences are events regularly organized by businesses to target loyal customers and partners. Through this, the business wants to express gratitude to partner units; Customers have always trusted our products and services.


Customer conferences are very common in corporate culture

Popular workshop type

The most popular workshop formats include:

Experience sharing workshop

Businesses can organize this form of seminar internally or externally to share working experiences between individuals or units. In addition, the event can also be held with the participation of customers and partners to exchange techniques and share more advanced and more effective business methods.

New product introduction seminar

This is a form of seminar organized for promotional purposes. Introduce new products and services provided by businesses to the public. Through that, businesses can convey their advantages. And other important product information to customers.


Photos of the new product introduction seminar organized by AV Vietnam

Specialized workshops

This form of seminar requires the participation of experts and businesses in a specific industry or field, such as scientific seminars, study abroad consulting seminars, etc. The program's content will focus on issues directly related to that field.


Specialized seminars require the participation of experts

The importance of organizing conferences and seminars

Regardless of the type of organization, conferences and seminars play an extremely important role in promoting the business of businesses and organizations through interactions with many different audiences.


Organizing conferences and seminars helps create and promote an enterprise's business strategy. This environment is a place for senior managers to meet, discuss strategic goals and come up with specific action plans. It is also a place to share the organization's vision, ensuring that all stakeholders understand and support the overall strategy.

Promote products to partners

Conferences and seminars are considered a favorable environment to promote products and services to potential customers and partners. Through these programs, businesses can directly present product features and benefits and interact with partners. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for the two sides to discuss how to cooperate and sign transaction contracts.

Review of services and products

Also, through conference and seminar programs, businesses can receive feedback from customers about products and services to help improve future quality and performance. Besides, businesses can provide detailed information on using the product or service so customers know how to make the most of the features and benefits.

Connect to potential customers

Conferences and seminars are opportunities to find and connect with potential customers by creating relationships, chatting, and exchanging information about your product or service. In addition, this is also the time to build a new contact list and learn about customer needs, from which you can adjust the most effective marketing and customer care campaign.


Conferences and seminars play an important role in promoting business development

Checklist of equipment needed in conference and seminar rooms

Equipment for conferences and seminars has many types, including sound, lighting, LED screens, projection screens, projectors, microphones, gooseneck mics, etc. Below is indispensable equipment in the room's meeting to assist you in organizing a successful program.

Sound and light

Sound in seminars and conferences is very important because the main purpose is to convey information clearly between the speaker and the listener. The sound must always be adjusted so that everyone in every position in the meeting room can hear clearly, moderately, and without being shrill.

Choose a sound system package suitable for the meeting room space. Lighting in conferences and seminars is equally important as the sound system. The lighting system must be such that it does not blind the speaker, highlights the speaker, is evenly lit on the stage, and does not require strong effects.


Sound and light in conferences and seminars

In the sound system, microphones are indispensable. Podium microphones, wireless microphones, ear-mounted microphones, and lapel microphones are often used for speakers.

Translation equipment - translation cabin

Nowadays, translation devices, also known as translation cabins, are no longer strange in every international meeting with foreigners participating, eliminating all distances and language barriers. to be used as an indispensable part

Furthermore, when using cabin interpreters, these are certainly important conferences and seminars of national stature, organizations, or multinational enterprises. Choosing a reputable supplier to use the service is very important.


Images of interpreter cabins provided by AV Vietnam during conferences and seminars

Led screen, projector, projection screen, slide flip pen

  • Led screen: This is the type of screen most used for seminars and conferences with a large number of attendees. We can combine LED screens to have large sizes and different shapes. In addition to using LED screens for conferences and seminars; Event organizers also use LED screens in product launch conferences because they create many effects in promoting brands and products.


LED screen images provided by AV Vietnam in conferences and seminars

  • Projector, projection screen: used for seminars and conferences. If you do not want to use an LED screen, the projection screen can be replaced. Projectors come in many types (depending on resolution) and can project from the front or back of the screen, but an appropriate screen must be used. Commonly used projection screens are 120 inches and 150 inches. Currently, there are projectors with HD and up to 4K resolutions. Monitor screen (reminder) for presenter This is the screen for the presenter to see his presentation. The reminder screen is placed on the floor in front of the stage in a position most visible to the speaker. During seminars and conferences, this screen is used to remind notes, remind slides being presented, and remind the next slide.


Images of projectors and screens provided by AV Vietnam in conferences and seminars


  • Slide flip pen: This is also a tool that helps speakers a lot in running presentation content according to the timeline they want.

Whiteboard, pens

In some cases, the presenter will also need to use a whiteboard and pen to write down explanations of the presentation content. Or the comments of guests attending the program should also be recorded for everyone to see.


Depending on the content, format, and participants of each program, you need to set up tables and chairs in different shapes, such as classroom style, theater style, U-shaped, hollow... But no matter what style of arrangement is used, Tables and chairs must be clean, and upholstered in a formal and polite manner; Chairs need to be comfortable if the program lasts for a long time. Besides, the height of tables and chairs should also match the standards and physiques of attendees.


Tables and chairs are essential equipment in conferences and seminars

Sample script for organizing conferences and seminars from A - Z

The script is considered a key factor in creating the success of a conference or seminar program. The more attractive the script, the more it attracts the interest and attention of a large number of guests. Please refer to the detailed script sample below!




Implementation details

15-30 minutes

Welcoming guests

  • Guide and assist guests in parking their cars

  • The receptionist welcomes guests and leads them into the event area

  • Take check-in photos for guests to check event preparation items

15 minutes


  • Cultural opening ceremony

  • Declare the reason and introduce the delegates

90 minutes

Main Content 1

  • Discuss and discuss issues surrounding the program topic

15-30 minutes

Teabreak party

  • Organize between discussion sessions to create a space to relax, recharge, and connect with guests

90 minutes

Main Content 2

  • Discuss and discuss issues surrounding the program topic

15 minutes

Closing ceremony

  • Appreciate the guests



The more detailed and attractive the scenario, the higher the conference's success rate

6 steps for organizing successful conferences and seminars

To have a professional, successful conference and avoid unnecessary risks, it is necessary to follow specific detailed procedures to organize the most standard conference. Below are 6 process steps to help you organize a successful conference.

Step 1: Identify the main topic

Customers first need to pay special attention to clearly and specifically identify the conference topic. That is the root of the problem and the basis for building content as well as planning activities taking place at the conference in the most detailed and effective way.

Step 2: Make a general organizational plan

The conference organization plan includes 7 parts:

  • Objectives and goals need to be achieved

  • main content

  • Location and time of organization

  • Budget estimates

  • Organizational units

  • Make a guest list

  • Program of the conference workshop

Step 3: Prepare details for conferences and seminars

  • Set up the conference space and ensure adequate equipment

  • Set up accompanying services such as teabreak, meals, rest, and transportation

  • Communication for the event

  • Print documents

  • Distribute invitation letters to guests

Step 4: Organize

  • Welcoming guests and conference attendees

  • Coordinate the workshop according to the event scenario

Step 5: End the conference and seminar program

  • Give souvenirs to guests and attendees

  • Record specific minutes for the workshop

  • Proceed to announce the conclusion

Step 6: Information processing

  • Evaluate the content of conferences and seminars

  • Recommendations to organizations and units attending conferences and seminars on discussion content


Fifty-fifth meeting of the MRC joint committee, organized by AV Vietnam

Expenses that need to be incurred when organizing conferences and seminars

Like most other events, organizing conferences and seminars also requires costs for many items such as: renting a location, hiring personnel, renting equipment, entertaining guests, etc. Details are as follows:

Venue rental costs

For small, internal conference programs, you can take advantage of the meeting room right at the company to organize them. As for large-scale, important programs with the participation of partners and customers, you should hire an outside professional location. When renting a location, you need to focus on comfortable space and convenient support services... This cost will vary from time to time.

Decoration costs

Decorative details for conferences and seminars, such as backdrops, banners, posters, standees, stages, and red carpets, are essential, helping to increase the aesthetics of the event, and making an impression on guests. Depending on the scale and nature of the event, you need to balance costs for this item appropriately.


Images of some backdrops, banners, and standees designed by AV Vietnam

Equipment rental costs

Sound and lighting equipment, including LED screen, projector, mic, radio speaker, and equalizer... are indispensable in organizing conferences and seminars. In addition, you also need to carefully calculate the cost of renting tables and chairs for the event. The number of tables and chairs will depend on the size and number of guests attending. In addition, if the event is held outdoors, you need to plan to rent a tent or umbrella to shield the event space from adverse weather.

Personnel hiring costs

For any program, big or small, human resources are always the "core" factor that creates overall success. The human resources team serving a seminar or conference usually includes supervision, setup, event service, MC, and dance troupe singers.


Image of AV Vietnam's personnel

Teabreak costs

Conferences, seminars, and teabreak parties are important and indispensable parts. It often takes place during the break between meetings and discussions to help guests re-energize and have the opportunity to interact and exchange more with each other. The tea party menu is not too elaborate, with cakes, fresh fruits, drinks of all kinds, etc. Depending on the budget, the business chooses the appropriate menu.


Teabreak images provided from AV Vietnam

Criteria for selecting a conference and seminar organization service provider

Organizing conferences and seminars is a way to help businesses build their image and brand while contributing to promoting the company's products and services. Therefore, when choosing an organizational unit, we need to carefully consider a few criteria, as follows:

Long history

Long-standing conference and seminar organizers are often trusted and chosen by more customers than younger ones. That is absolutely not a coincidence, in fact, units with a long history of going through the journey of accompanying many customer projects have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. From what they have gathered over time, they have created a professional and methodical working process that can minimize possible risks to the event.

Capacity profile

It is very easy for you to learn about the experience of a certain unit through their official website. There, you can find out all the information about the founding history, development process and details of projects they have implemented. On that basis, you will have to consider and choose. the most suitable supplier for your event.

Have a plan for the implementation and operation of conference and seminar events

Next, you need to evaluate the ability of the unit you are about to cooperate with in building and implementing a detailed plan for your conference or seminar. This plan will include a clear schedule and task assignments. It is especially important to ensure that they have contingency plans and measures to resolve incidents that arise in case of need.

Creative and unique organizational ideas

Besides the factor of long experience, the element of creativity in an organization is also extremely important. A perfect supplier is one that has been established and developed for many years but still always innovates services, constantly improves equipment, and promptly grasps new and unique trends in the industry. That is shown through quality services. However, along with this creativity, you should also pay attention to its feasibility. Because even though the idea is unique and attractive, if it is difficult to implement, it will only disappoint customers.

Modern equipment systems

Not only conferences or seminars, but all other events such as opening ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, wedding parties, birthday parties, and year-end parties also require a stable equipment system. Absolutely never let your program be interrupted for reasons such as the microphone running out of battery, the projector having problems, the lights not working properly, etc. At that time, even if your script is good, no matter how good the program is, it will be affected, causing disappointment for the guests. It can even make customers lose confidence in the company's products and services.


Thai Binh - Korea tourism trade and investment promotion conference organized by AV Vietnam 


Professional event companies will have many service packages with many different prices so customers can easily choose the most suitable one. Please rely on your budget to choose the appropriate package. However, you should also carefully consider places that quote too low prices because sometimes the cost will not ensure the expected quality. Don't waste the opportunity to show off your brand to customers because you're too frugal!

There are many services that complement each other

According to many shared experiences, the advice for you is to prioritize choosing units capable of providing many support services related to the event, such as applying for organization licenses, stage design, equipment, printing, gifts, mobile parties, transportation, and accommodation arrangements. In short, all-inclusive services should be prioritized to limit the need to interact with many different suppliers and Ensure consistency throughout your conferences and seminars.

Why should you choose AV Vietnam's conference and seminar organization services?

With more than 16 years of operation in the field of event organization, AV Vietnam has successfully organized hundreds of conference and seminar events for large domestic and international businesses. Each service we provide is guaranteed in both quality and cost.

To bring the best services to customers, we need a team of experienced and professional staff who love their jobs and always try their best at every conference and event. Every time we receive a request from a customer, we will provide specific details. From the planning stage to every detail that takes place during the conference, we consider and choose it to best suit our customers' requirements and budget.

In particular, by owning high-quality organizational equipment, when choosing AV Vietnam - HoaBinh Events Group, customers can save a lot of costs.


Organizing conferences and seminars is an important activity, contributing to creating a successful business path for businesses. Therefore, if you need to organize conferences or seminars, do not miss AV Vietnam's services! Just pick up the phone and call the hotline at (+84) 913.311.911 - (+84) 918.640.988, we will advise you from A - Z to ensure a brilliantly successful program!

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