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In the integration period of today, seminars and conferences are routinely organized and are crucial to the growth of any organization, business, or corporation since that is where ideas, proposals for solutions, and directions are discussed and spoken. As a result, professional sound system design receives even greater consideration.


The importance of conference and seminar sound systems

In conferences and seminars, sound systems are a crucial component that helps with information delivery and facilitates productive interactions between presenters and participants. The following justifies the significance of sound systems on certain occasions:


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Make sure the sound is clear.

Attendees may more readily acquire information thanks to the excellent sound system, which makes the speaker's voice clear, simple to hear, and interference-free. Additionally, it creates an environment that is conducive to successful information transmission by guaranteeing that everyone in the room, regardless of where they are seated, can hear what the speaker is saying.

Raise the event's professional level

In addition to helping establish a positive first impression, a high-quality sound system gives the event an air of professionalism and reliability. It makes embarrassing circumstances like feedback loss, muted sound, or loss of sound less likely, making the event go more smoothly.

Encourage communication and the sharing of information

Asking and answering questions, facilitating the flow of information, and promoting involvement from all, are made easier by wireless microphones and other audio equipment. Additionally, the audio system facilitates the prompt delivery of instructions, updates, and significant announcements to all attendees, enhancing the efficiency of engagement.

Improve the attendance experience

In addition to preventing listeners from becoming sidetracked by technological difficulties, good audio helps them concentrate better on the topic. A top-notch sound system adds to a great event experience by raising attendees' contentment and sense of gratitude for the gathering.

Accommodates presentation equipment

Presenting tools like LED displays and projectors work in tandem with the sound system to enhance and simplify presentations. Clear and high-quality sound is very helpful for remote participants to follow and participate in online conferences, ensuring that everyone understands the material fully and properly.

Equipment in conference and seminar audio systems


When building a seminar or conference sound system, speakers are a crucial component that helps communicate the speaker's sound to the audience to satisfy their information demands and contribute to the conference's success. These speakers come from a wide range of manufacturers, including JBL, Amate Nitid, Column, Sub, and Column speakers.

The area of the organization space will determine which speakers are used for the event (they can be ceiling or wall-mounted speakers). When the space is vast, patrons have the freedom to add more speakers or install larger, more powerful speakers. Additionally, select a speaker with an appropriate sound coverage angle based on the layout of the space to aid in equally dispersing sound (prioritize selecting speakers with a wide frequency range to aid in sound distribution around the room while maintaining quality). Keep in mind that to make installation and wall hanging easier, you should choose models that are lightweight and small in size.


A professional speaker system helps make the event an outstanding success


The two kinds of microphones used in seminar and conference setup are delegate and chairman microphones:

Chairman's microphone: The person with the most authority (the leader) often has the microphone to themselves. It has simultaneous control over turning on and off the other conference room microphones.

Participants in meetings can use a delegate microphone, which is controlled by the chairman's microphone. The speaker will connect to the system by pressing the microphone's button when it is necessary to talk.

Gooseneck microphones are typically used in conferences and seminars because they sound natural, catch sound effectively, and are very stable, seldom experiencing issues. It should be noted that if your meeting room has a podium, you should install a cordless microphone to prevent movable obstructions and to maintain the area's visual appeal. Additionally, to guarantee that everyone has a microphone to talk or voice thoughts, the number of microphones placed should match the maximum number of conference attendees.

The designer's primary responsibility is to properly position and install these microphones to avoid hissing or howling, which would degrade the sound quality and make it uncomfortable. The delegate microphone takes up sound extremely effectively, therefore, it picks up a lot of noise, which makes the controller unable to manage the noise on time. Therefore, avoid placing the microphone directly or too close to the speaker.


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The amplifier is the next crucial gadget. An amplifier is a component used in audio system design that processes and amplifies electrical signals to create a much bigger signal by accepting input signals and processing them. Therefore, to select an appropriate amplifier, you should also educate yourself on amplifiers (which amplifier fits the capacity of the speaker or the entire speaker being used), lowering the likelihood of sound distortion or crackling and enabling regular, stable speaker operation.

Customers are now favoring the Amplifier Mixer line due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to minimize the quantity of installed equipment. The capacity of this amplifier mixer to manage input signals and the expansion capabilities of external microphones are another benefit of employing it.


Amplifier - An indispensable component in a stable sound system

Central processor

This device may be used to change the settings of other satellite devices, including simultaneously turning on and off the microphone and modifying its loudness. Facilitates the seamless operation of other devices in the conference room sound system.


The central controller helps events run smoothly

Why should you rent conference audio from AV Vietnam?

Rich experience, reputable

In the area of conference and seminar organization, particularly conference audio rental, AV Vietnam is acknowledged as a pioneer. After more than 12 years in business, the company has established a strong presence in the industry, as shown by its esteemed portfolio of significant projects with important partners.


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Providing all kinds of conference and seminar equipment

A wide range of audio services for events, conferences, weddings, and concerts is offered by AV Vietnam. We offer a comprehensive choice of equipment for your conference, including lighting, presentation, effects, and reasonable audio equipment.

Clear commitment to customers

For the goods and services offered by AV Vietnam, quality comes first. We promise to deliver basic things at fair pricing with no hidden fees. It comes with a group of skilled experts who are in charge of everything from setup to operation. Every consumer who uses AV Vietnam's products and services is completely happy.

Comprehensive solutions

Apart from renting out conference equipment, AV Vietnam aspires to grow into a multi-sector company offering clients a complete solution ecosystem, including conception, planning, and execution. documentation needed to get a license for the group to offer support services including lodging, transportation, and communication. The greatest option for you to save costs, time, and energy will be to choose our all-inclusive service.



Sound is one of the most crucial elements that directly influences each program's efficacy. If you're searching for a dependable sound rental place with lots of design alternatives, affordable prices, and all-inclusive assistance, use AV Vietnam's services right away! You'll undoubtedly be happier than you could have imagined! For the fastest support, call (+84) 913 311 911 - (+84) 918 640 988!


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