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Unlike indoor events, outdoor events face many influencing factors such as weather and noise. Therefore, when organizing an outdoor event, you need to prepare more equipment and tools. So what equipment is needed? Let's find out about AV Vietnam in the article below!


The importance of outdoor event equipment

 When organizing an outdoor event, using the correct and sufficient necessary equipment plays an important role in ensuring success and creating a good impression on attendees. Here are the reasons why outdoor event equipment is so important:

  • Ensuring quality sound and visuals: Professional sound and lighting systems help convey messages clearly and powerfully. Lively sound and appropriate lighting create an appealing, engaging, and impressive event space.

  • Creating a comfortable environment: Equipment such as tents, cooling fans, or heating systems provide a comfortable environment for guests, regardless of the weather. This not only enhances the attendee experience but also ensures the event runs smoothly.

  • Ensuring security: Security equipment like surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and security personnel ensure the safety of guests and property throughout the event. This is an essential factor in avoiding unwanted risks.

  • Creating impression and professionalism: A beautiful stage, sharp LED screens, and sophisticated decorative equipment not only make the event visually pleasing but also demonstrate professionalism and respect for guests. This helps build a positive image and leave a strong impression.

  • Flexibility and convenience: Outdoor event equipment is usually highly flexible, and easy to install and dismantle. This saves time and effort in both the preparation and wrap-up stages of the event and allows for easy adjustments based on actual needs.

  • Technical support and increased interaction: Equipment such as LED screens and sound systems support digital activities, enabling more effective interaction and communication with guests. This is particularly important for large events or conferences.

  • Minimizing risks: Backup generators, and rain and wind protection systems help minimize risks due to weather and external factors, ensuring the event proceeds continuously without interruptions.

  • Increased organizational efficiency: With the support of modern and professional equipment, organizing events becomes easier and more efficient. These devices optimize the process from planning to execution and conclusion of the event.


Outdoor event organized by AV Vietnam

Top 10 commonly used outdoor event equipment

When organizing an outdoor event, preparation and selection of appropriate equipment play an important role in ensuring the success of the event. Below is a list of the 10 most commonly used outdoor event equipment:

Sound system

A stage sound system is a sound system used to produce music, voices, and sound effects during stage events such as musical performances, plays, teahouses, and festivals. school or live TV show. Speakers are often placed in strategic locations on the stage and in the auditorium space to project sound evenly and clearly across the entire area. AV Vietnam, our professional audio rental unit, always supports and advises on quotes for a complete set of audio equipment.


Lively sound system

What equipment is needed for a standard stage sound system?

 The equipment in the stage sound system serves to record, process signals, increase volume, and emit sound on stage and in the audience area. Below are some details about the equipment in the stage sound system.

  • Mixer: The Mixer is the central device in the stage sound system, used to adjust and combine different sound sources such as microphones, musical instruments, and computers. It allows control of volume, balance, sound effects, and signal switching.

  • Amplifier/Push: Amplifier is a device that helps increase volume. It is used to amplify sound and transmit it from the speakers to the audience on stage and in the auditorium area.

  • Speaker: A speaker is a device that broadcasts sound directly to the audience. They are arranged in many different positions on the stage and in the stands to ensure that the sound spreads evenly and clearly throughout the event area.

  • Equalizer: Equalizer helps balance sound and improve sound quality. It is used to adjust audio frequencies, eliminate noise, and create more refined and precise sounds.

  • Effects Processor: This is a device used to add special sound effects to music and voice. It includes many effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and phaser.

  • Microphone: A microphone is a device used to record voices and musical instruments. There are many different types of microphones used depending on the purpose and type of sound to be captured.

  • DI Box: A DI Box (Direct Injection Box) is a device used to connect unbalanced audio devices such as electric instruments and keyboards to balanced devices such as mixers.

  • Cable: Cable is an important part of the stage sound system, used to connect devices, ensuring stable and quality transmission of audio signals.


 There are many types of products suitable for outdoor stage lighting systems, each with its characteristics to meet the specific requirements of the event. To build an effective outdoor lighting system, it is necessary to determine the scope of the event space, the coverage level, and surrounding obstacles. From there, we can optimize product selection to create the most suitable lighting system.


Professional lighting system


  • Moving headlight (Mobile Light): A moving headlight can rotate and move flexibly, helping to create diverse and rich lighting effects. They are often used to illuminate key parts of the stage or create special effects.

  • Par LED lights: Par LED lights are used to illuminate the entire stage space, creating a uniform and bright light. They can change colors and customize brightness, suitable for many different types of events.

  • Follow spotlights: Follow Spotlights are lights used to illuminate and track actors or speakers on stage. They can adjust brightness and focus, helping to make the main character stand out.

  • Strobe light: Strobe light creates flashing effects, suitable for music performances or events that need excitement and power.

  • Laser lights: Laser lights help create unique and impressive lighting effects, often used in concerts or entertainment events.

  • Fog machine: A smoke machine helps create mist, making light effects clearer and more vivid. This is an indispensable device to create a magical and attractive atmosphere.

  • Lighting console: The lighting controller allows technicians to adjust and program lighting effects according to the event scenario. This is the control center for all activities of the lighting system.

  • Blinder lights: Blinder lights have the effect of temporarily dimming the entire stage, creating a surprising and powerful effect, often used in music performances.

  • Fresnel lamp: Fresnel lamp is used for soft lighting, not too harsh, and often used to create background light for the stage.

  • Truss system: The truss system helps arrange and fix overhead lighting equipment, ensuring safety and creating a neat and professional stage space.

Mobile stage

 Mobile outdoor stages are an ideal solution for outdoor events, from concerts, festivals, and fairs to fashion shows and community events. Using a mobile stage offers many benefits, including flexibility, ease of installation and movement, and the ability to accommodate a variety of event requirements.


The mobile stage is suitable for any outdoor event

Components of the outdoor mobile stage:

  • Stage frame: The frame is the main structural part of the stage, helping to support and maintain the entire system. The frame is usually made from aluminum or steel, ensuring durability and good bearing capacity.

  • Stage floor: The stage floor is made from sturdy boards, capable of withstanding high loads. Floors can be coated with an anti-slip coating to ensure the safety of artists and staff.

  • Roof: The roof helps protect the stage and equipment from the effects of weather such as rain and sun. The canopy can be made from canvas or other waterproof material and can be easily removed when not needed.

  • Lighting and sound suspension system: The light and sound suspension system is mounted on the frame, helping to arrange and fix lighting equipment and speakers firmly and safely.

  • Stairs and walkways: Stairs and walkways are installed so artists and staff can easily move up and down the stage. Stairs need to be sturdy and safe, meeting labor safety standards.

LED screen

 Outdoor LED screens are indispensable devices in large events such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions, sports, and outdoor shows. With the ability to display sharp images, vivid colors, and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, LED screens enhance the visual experience for audiences and make events more impressive. 


Professional LED screens for events

Components of outdoor LED screens

  • LED Module: LED Modules are blocks put together to form a large screen. Each module contains many small LED bulbs, creating pixels for the screen. They are capable of displaying brilliant colors and high brightness.

  • Controller: The controller helps manage and adjust the content displayed on the LED screen. It receives signals from sources (computers, cameras, video players) and transmits them to the screen for display.

  • Bracket and bracket: Bracket and bracket help fix and protect the LED screen. They are ruggedly designed to withstand outdoor conditions and ensure the display stays stable.

  • Power source and cable system: The power source provides energy for the LED screen to operate. The cable system connects LED modules to the controller and power source, ensuring stable signal and energy transmission.


Outdoor event tents are one of the important pieces of equipment, playing the role of protecting and creating space for outdoor events. From parties, conferences, and exhibitions to festivals and community events, tents help create a comfortable space, protecting guests from weather elements such as sun, rain, and wind.


Tents create space for outdoor events

Types of tents are often used in outdoor events

  • Marquee Tent: A Round canvas tent has a luxurious design, often used for wedding events, gala parties, and outdoor parties. The tent has a spacious and airy space, creating a comfortable feeling for guests.

  • A-shaped tent (Frame Tent): A-shaped tent has a solid structure and is easy to install. They are often used for events such as fairs, exhibitions, and outdoor performances. A-frame tents provide open and flexible space for arranging equipment and decorations.

  • Dome Tent: The Dome tent has a modern and impressive design, suitable for large events such as conferences, exhibitions, and concerts. The dome structure helps create an open and airy space.

  • Pointed Roof Tent (Pagoda Tent): Pointed roof tents have a sophisticated and beautiful design, often used for weddings, outdoor parties, and high-end events. Pointed roof tents bring high aesthetic beauty and make a strong impression on guests.

Basic components of event tents

  • Frame: The frame is the main structural part of the tent, made from durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring strength and good bearing capacity.

  • Tarpaulin: Tarpaulin fabric is often made from waterproof and UV-resistant materials, helping to protect the interior space from weather elements. Tarpaulins can come in various colors and patterns, to suit the style of the event.

  • Fixing system: The fixing system includes stakes, zippers, and other accessories that help the tent be installed firmly and stably on the ground. This ensures the tent will not be displaced or fall due to strong winds or outside impacts.

  • Additional accessories: Additional accessories such as wooden floors, curtains, lighting systems, and cooling fans help enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the tent space.

Table and chair

Tables and chairs are one of the important factors contributing to the success and impression of outdoor events. Choosing appropriate tables and chairs not only ensures convenience and comfort for guests but also demonstrates the professionalism and aesthetics of the event. From weddings, conferences, and fairs, to outdoor parties and festivals, tables and chairs play an indispensable role.


Event tables and chairs contribute to success and impression

Types of tables and chairs are popular in outdoor events

  • Round table and chiavari chairs: Round tables combined with chairs are a popular choice for weddings, galas, and luxury events. Chiavari chairs have an elegant design and a variety of colors, creating a sophisticated beauty for the event.

  • Long tables and folding chairs: Long tables and folding chairs are ideal choices for outdoor parties, fairs, and community events. Folding chairs are easy to move and store, and long tables create a comfortable space for many people to sit simultaneously.

  • Cocktail tables and high chairs: Cocktail tables and high chairs are suitable for buffets, conferences, and social events. The cocktail table is compact and easy to move, and high chairs create a feeling of comfort and style for guests.

  • Plastic tables and chairs: Plastic tables and chairs are a popular choice for outdoor events that require flexibility and convenience. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to weather conditions.


Generators are an important piece of equipment in outdoor events, ensuring a stable power supply for the entire sound system, lighting, and other electrical equipment. In particular, during large events or in locations where fixed power sources are not available, generators help maintain continuous operation and avoid unwanted interruptions.


Generators provide stable power for events

Factors to consider when renting a generator

  • Appropriate capacity: Choose a generator with capacity appropriate to the event's electricity needs. Calculate the total power consumption of electrical equipment to select a generator with sufficient capacity.

  • Noise level: Generators may make noise during operation. Choose a generator with a low noise level or arrange it far away from the event area to minimize impact on guests.

  • Save fuel: Choose a generator that can save fuel to reduce operating costs and limit emissions into the environment.

  • Easy maintenance and operation: Generators need periodic maintenance to ensure stable operation. Choose a machine that is easy to operate and maintain to minimize technical risks.

Cooling fan or heating system

Cooling fans and heating systems are indispensable equipment in outdoor events, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature for guests. Cooling fans are used during summer events, while heating systems are needed for winter events. The use of these devices not only enhances the experience of attendees but also demonstrates the thoughtfulness and professionalism of the organizers.

Popular types of cooling and heating systems

  • Steam fan: Steam fan helps cool the air by evaporating water, creating a cool and comfortable feeling. This type of fan is very effective in reducing temperatures at outdoor events without using a lot of electricity.

  • Industrial fans: Industrial fans have a large capacity, suitable for events with large spaces and a large number of guests. They create strong airflow, helping to circulate air and cool effectively.

  • Electric heater: Electric heater helps create warmth quickly and effectively, suitable for events taking place in cold weather conditions. There are many types of electric heaters, from wind heaters to oil heaters, depending on usage needs.


The cooling fan system creates a cool feeling for guests

Be careful when using cooling fans and heating systems

  • Ensure safety: Check and ensure that cooling and heating equipment are installed properly and safely. Avoid placing the device near flammable objects or within the reach of children.

  • Save energy: Use energy-saving devices to reduce costs and protect the environment. Choose devices that are certified for energy saving and high performance.

  • Proper placement: Arrange cooling and heating equipment in strategic locations to ensure maximum efficiency. For cooling fans, they should be placed in places where a large number of people gather. As for heaters, they should be placed in important areas and places where guests often pass by.

Security system

In any event, especially outdoor events, ensuring security and safety for guests and property is extremely important. Security systems including surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and security guards play a key role in maintaining order and preventing unwanted incidents.

Main components of the security system

  • Surveillance cameras: Surveillance cameras help record images and videos from many different angles, providing detailed and accurate information about the situation taking place during the event. Modern surveillance cameras also can recognize faces and analyze behavior, helping to improve monitoring efficiency.

  • Alarm system: Alarm systems include sensors that detect motion, sound, and other signs of danger. When a risk is detected, the system will automatically activate the alarm and send a warning to the phone or monitoring center.

  • Security guards: Security guards are professionally trained and experienced in handling emergencies and maintaining security and order. They also act as guides and support guests, ensuring everyone feels safe and protected.

Decorative equipment

Decorative equipment is an indispensable element in creating an impressive and beautiful space for outdoor events. From flowers and plants to backdrops and banners, every detail contributes to creating a unique atmosphere and attracting the attention of guests. Meticulous and creative event decoration not only shows professionalism but also enhances everyone's participation experience.


The backdrop and banner create the impression of a successful event

Main components of decorative equipment

  • Flowers and ornamental plants: Flowers and ornamental plants bring natural beauty and vitality to the event. They can be arranged along the aisle, on the banquet table, or as a highlight in important areas. Choosing flowers and ornamental plants that match the event theme will create a highly aesthetic effect.

  • Backdrop: A backdrop is a large decorative background, usually placed behind the stage or central area of ​​the event. Backdrop helps create a beautiful background and is an ideal place to take commemorative photos. Backdrops are often designed according to the theme of the event and may include logos, messages, or related images.

  • Banner: A banner is an advertising or information sign hung in prominent positions to convey the message of the event. Banners can contain event names, logos, slogans, or other important information, helping guests easily recognize and grasp information.

  • Other decorative accessories: Other decorative accessories such as balloons, decorative lights, ribbons, and signs also play an important role in completing the event space. These accessories help create interesting accents and make the space more lively.

Why should you choose AV Vietnam to rent outdoor event equipment?

  • Diverse quality equipment: We provide a wide range of modern and diverse equipment such as sound systems, lighting, stages, LED screens, tents, tables and chairs, and many other equipment. All are regularly maintained and guaranteed to operate well in all weather conditions.

  • Dedicated professional service: Our staff is always ready to support you from planning, and installation to operating and dismantling equipment after the event. With many years of experience in the event organization industry, we are committed to bringing you the most professional and dedicated service.

  • Competitive prices: We understand that cost is always an important factor when organizing an event. Therefore, we always offer the most reasonable and competitive prices on the market and have many flexible service packages to suit your needs and budget.

  • Optimal solution: Each event has its requirements and characteristics. We are ready to listen and provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring the event runs smoothly and impressively.


For more detailed information and free consultation, please contact us by phone at (+84) 913.311.911 - (+84) 918.640.988. We are always ready to accompany you to create successful and memorable outdoor events. Let us help you turn any event idea into reality with professional and reliable outdoor event equipment rental services. Together, we will create unforgettable memories!



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