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Effective lighting is crucial for the success of conferences and events. Selecting the right lighting equipment not only enhances the event's effectiveness but also contributes to creating a professional atmosphere. Committed to meeting every customer's demand, AV Vietnam is proud to be the leading provider of conference lighting equipment rental services.

The importance of lighting in conferences

Create a professional space

Good lighting enhances the room's brightness and professionalism, fostering trust and making a positive first impression on guests. Additionally, lighting can define the space and highlight key areas such as podiums, stages, or exhibit spaces, helping guests focus on the main attractions of the event.


Conference lighting helps the space become professional

Supports presentation and transmission of information

By accentuating slides, videos, or other visual elements, proper lighting enhances the clarity and comprehensibility of presentations, making it easier for viewers to follow along and absorb the material. Adequate lighting also reduces eye strain, helping participants maintain focus throughout the conference, which is crucial for long-lasting events.

Increase interactivity

Lighting may provide a happy mood and encourage conversation and engagement from attendees. For instance, dynamic effects produced by colored light may pique attention and focus. Furthermore, appropriate lighting may foster a relaxed atmosphere that promotes debate and idea-sharing among participants in interactive sessions or group discussions.

Guaranteed safety

The risk of accidents or tripping is reduced when conference participants can easily move around the room, thanks to good lighting. In the event of an incident or emergency, the safety lighting system will quickly and safely guide people to the emergency exits.


Lighting at the conference organized by AV Vietnam

Enhance event management efficiency

Modern lighting systems often feature versatile adjustment capabilities, allowing event planners to easily modify the light's color and intensity to suit different sections of the event. Using energy-efficient lighting not only lowers power costs and protects the environment but also enhances the company's reputation with clients and partners.

Principles for installing lighting equipment for conference spaces

Light intensity

We must set up balanced lighting systems in conference and seminar rooms to allow guests to take notes, even if they are seated at the back of the room. Furthermore, the conference room's lighting equipment must be flexibly adjustable and strategically placed. Light level and illuminance are two important aspects to consider in this layout. Lux meters are used to measure illumination in various areas to determine the light's strength and make necessary adjustments. Generally speaking, lighting of about 150 Lux is ideal.


 Depending on the size of the conference, the light will have the appropriate intensity

Lighting direction 

Most attendees at conferences and seminars need to utilize a lot of text documents and notes. As a result, the lighting equipment system's light sources need to be directed at the face. Participants at the conference should bring the finest lighting setup.

Aesthetics and usefulness

In addition to lighting direction and intensity, you should select lighting equipment with designs and colors that ensure both functionality and aesthetics when establishing conference lighting. This means that while maximizing each device's lighting capabilities, these devices must also blend in with the conference room's color scheme, size, and interior design.

What does the lighting system in conferences and seminars include?

Led light

Compared to conventional lights, LED lights use less energy, which lowers running costs and benefits the environment. Due to their long lifespan, LED lights provide a stable lighting system that requires less maintenance and repair, saving both time and money and minimizing disruptions during event planning.

Furthermore, LED lighting offers uniform and clear illumination, enhancing the quality of presentations and the experience of attendees. The adjustable light intensity and color of LED lights make it easier to design a venue that suits every aspect of the conference, from group discussions to presentations requiring bright, focused lighting. The lighting is comfortable and gentle.


LED lights create space for each conference

Moving Headlight

Moving headlights can be used for a variety of events due to their flexible rotation and adjustable projection angle, which produce dynamic lighting effects. This adaptability helps maximize lighting for each distinct space and activity throughout the conference.

Furthermore, moving headlights can create a variety of unique lighting effects that enliven the conference and attract attendees. These distinctive effects not only highlight the stage but also make a powerful statement and capture attendees' interest.


Moving Head light image

PAR lights

Strong light is produced by PAR lights, making them ideal for illuminating big spaces or setting the stage apart. This lighting capability makes sure that everyone in attendance can see well and helps to highlight critical places.

PAR lights may also change the hue, producing a wide range of vibrant lighting effects. This feature makes it possible for event planners to alter the venue as they see fit, adding energy and interest to the conference.


Image of Par lights at the conference

Spotlight lamp

Spotlight lights are great for illuminating podiums and significant displays since they help focus light on a specific area. This capacity for concentration guarantees that important details or themes are highlighted and readily grab participants' attention.

The Spotlight lamp can also be adjusted for projection angle and light intensity, making it ideal for a wide range of needs and circumstances. Because of this adaptability, lighting may be readily changed to suit the unique requirements of each conference segment.


Image of Spotlight lights in the conference


Wide, uniform light is produced by floodlights, making the whole conference room appropriate for lighting. This broad lighting capability makes sure that the meeting room is properly lit throughout, which contributes to the creation of a consistent and comfortable atmosphere.

Furthermore, the strong light intensity of floodlights allows for excellent lighting even across broad areas. With its strong intensity, this event lighting provides complete illumination, even in the farthest corners.


Lights in conferences and seminars organized by AV Vietnam

Light Controller

The lighting controller aids in controlling and modifying every aspect of the lighting system, including color, intensity, and special effects. Lighting may be optimized for every aspect of the event in an effective and adaptable way by combining several functions into a single controller.

Furthermore, contemporary controllers frequently have user-friendly interfaces that make it simple for organizers to regulate and modify lighting under specific requirements. This convenience ensures that the lighting in the conference is always appropriate for the particular circumstances, saving time and effort.


Information on conference room lighting equipment is shown above. Don't hurry to dismiss the alluring service packages at AV Vietnam if clients are looking for a unit that is committed and competent enough to assist with this crucial service. Get in touch with us using the details provided below to get a thorough service quote and the best guidance available!


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