Exhibition Equipment

Equipment rental for organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, professional and comprehensive

An exhibition is a reasonably successful trade promotion event hosted for a certain amount of time in one place. Participating firms may connect and exchange ideas with partners, market their goods and services to consumers, and boost sales here. AV Vietnam offers clients a comprehensive solution from A to Z as a company with 12 years of expertise in the event, conference, and exhibition equipment rental industry. We promise to completely satisfy all of your needs at the best possible price and level of professionalism!


Exhibition fairs are an effective trade promotion activity

4 popular types of exhibitions and fairs

Currently, there are 4 popular types of exhibitions and fairs including:

  • The event brings together Vietnamese businesses doing business in Vietnam

  • The event brings together foreign businesses doing business in Vietnam

  • The event gathers foreign businesses that have not yet entered the Vietnamese market

  • The event brings together all of the above business groups.


Currently, there are 4 popular types of exhibitions

How to organize exhibition fairs

Exhibitions are significant corporate events that aim to boost sales and commerce while also boosting revenue. An event of this size takes a lot of organization and expertise in obtaining permissions, among other things, to be organized properly.

Before the event

Before the event, the following tasks must be completed:

  • Come up with ideas and create event content

  • Determine the time and location: Exhibition events are often held on weekends to attract many participants. Choose a spacious, airy space, in a central location, with convenient transportation and a dense population, depending on the scale and purpose of the event.

  • Determine the scale of participation: Many businesses participate, providing outstanding products and services to increase brand recognition. The number of businesses attending depends on the nature and purpose of the event.

  • Budget planning and planning: After determining the idea, content, and scale, the organizational unit needs to plan the budget and plan appropriately. It is necessary to have a budget for unexpected situations to avoid risks.

  • Apply for an organization license: Enterprises need to apply for a license according to regulations to organize fairs and exhibitions. This helps authorities control business operations and ensure copyright rights.

  • Logistics preparation: Including design and construction of booths, setup of exhibition equipment, display products, and appropriate staffing.


Organizing an exhibition fair requires very elaborate preparation

During the event

The following events are happening at the exhibition:

  • Introduce and advertise outstanding products and booths to visitors

  • Organize activation activities to attract customers and promote the brand

  • On-site sales

  • Combining fashion shows, music shows...


The exhibition fair is combined with many attractive activities

After the event

The event planner will return the space and tidy it after the event. Following that, a summary report summarizing the outcomes of the fair and gathering client feedback is required in order to incorporate lessons learned for further events.

The media

In addition to the aforementioned actions, communication efforts must be carried out during an exhibition event to draw attendees. These activities include:

  • Attract customer attention (Before the event)

  • Increase the number of customers visiting the exhibition and quickly update impressive moments of the event (During the event)

  • Gratitude to customers, businesses, sponsors, and brand promotion (After the event)


Communication plays an important role in organizing fairs and exhibitions

Full package exhibition equipment rental service at AV Vietnam

AV Vietnam is pleased to be the most recognized and competent company in the industry, having organized events in general and exhibits in particular for 12 years. We offer full-service exhibition organizing at the most competitive prices with the highest level of effectiveness.

Quickly apply for an organization license.

Obtaining a license to host an exhibition is an essential step in making sure everything happens according to the rules and schedule. With hundreds of big and small projects completed annually and a solid capacity profile, AV Vietnam's many years of expertise will enable clients to save as much time and money as possible.


Applying for a license to organize an exhibition is a requirement

Come up with creative and unique ideas

We do in-depth research on both the items on show and the guests for each exhibition event in order to develop organizational strategies and concepts that best fit the specifics of each one.

Design and construction of booths 

From the general layout of the exhibition area to the specific layout of every booth, we will design. Two commonly used booth styles are standard booths, which come in 3 × 3 or 3 x 6 meter sizes. constructed of straightforward PVC walls, metal frames, and coordinating booths, tables, seats, exhibit counters, lighting, and hanging fans. Flexible dimensions, premium materials, and innovative design—all a result of the necessity to advertise businesses' goods and services. Customers and partners are drawn to this kind of booth with ease.


Booth design and construction are important step in the exhibition

Provide full equipment

In order to guarantee the exhibition's success, planning calls for a plethora of other accessories in addition to the booth. With our service, customers may utilize this complete product set. These are a few well-liked gadgets: 

Event tent

Event tents are frequently used for exposition events. With its strong steel structure and long-lasting PVC tarpaulin, the tent provides a place to hide from the sun and rain, ensuring that the event goes on smoothly in all weather. This adaptable and practical solution guarantees a roomy and well-ventilated area for exhibition-related activities.

Steam gate, event welcome gate

The steam gate, the event welcome gate, will draw guests in as soon as they enter the event area. These gates are inflated with gas, have striking forms and proportions, and invite people in. They make a big impact.

Standee instructed

In the event area, guide standees are logically organized to facilitate guest navigation. These banners or standing boards give guests vital information about the event, making it easier for them to navigate and swiftly assimilate the information.

Red carpet and stainless steel columns limit the space

Visitors will see a lengthy crimson carpet and stainless steel columns enclosing the area as they proceed deeper. The red carpet directs traffic in addition to creating an opulent pathway. To create order and facilitate management, stainless steel columns with barriers are used to divide and limit various regions of the event. 


An essential component of event décor is the background. A backdrop is a big background with printed information about the event, brand, or sponsor that is placed behind the stage or at strategic locations. It elegantly furnishes the area while also offering expert information provision.

The platform

The stage is the location of the event's principal activity. The stage podium makes events like speeches and performances more noticeable and accessible since it is elevated above the floor. This is the highlight that attracts the audience's attention.


An essential component for making sure the event goes well is the sound system. This system, which includes speakers, microphones, mixers, and sound amplification equipment, ensures that everyone can hear the presentation by dispersing the sound uniformly around the event space and helping to effectively communicate every word. 


The lighting system is just as crucial as the sound system. In addition to providing lighting effects and highlighting the stage and other key locations, lighting equipment and stage lights also assist create an amazing and eye-catching environment.

TV, projector, screen

Televisions, projectors, and screens are commonly used to display data, graphics, promotional movies, and presentation content. These gadgets make it easier for customers to access and comprehend the newly offered goods and services.

Tables and chairs

Chairs and tables are essential pieces of equipment for every function. They give guests and businessmen spaces to sit, converse, and do business. A sensible layout of the tables and chairs makes the area cozy and practical for all users. 

Exhibition counter

Lastly, firms showcase their exceptional items in product display cabinets. Glass cabinets or cabinets with shelves help display products neatly and beautifully, attract the attention of visitors, and at the same time protect products from damage or loss.


Organizing an exhibition requires many different types of equipment

Providing personnel

In order to generate appeal, art, fashion, or activation events are essential components of the exhibition's activities. As a result, AV Vietnam offers a group of qualified employees in several roles:

  • MC hosts, MC animate

  • PG and PB introduce products

  • Dance groups, singers, dance troupes, dance groups...

  • KOLs

Media - Communication

AV Vietnam offers photographers and videographers to capture the most significant moments of the occasion. In addition, we offer pre-, during-, and post-event communication solutions via a variety of media, including internet marketing, press booking, outdoor advertising, etc.

Procedure for using the full package exhibition organization service at AV Vietnam

AV Vietnam is regarded as one of the equipment rental companies that expertly plans large-scale, imaginative, and incredibly successful events that draw attendees to exhibits and fairs. For organizations, our simple and rapid service consumption method guarantees maximum cost savings and excellent efficiency.

Step 1: AV Vietnam receives customer information

The AV Vietnam staff is available at all times and on all platforms to receive information about your needs (hotline, zalo, email, in-person at the office, etc.). After that, we'll make an effort to provide clients with the best options as soon as we can. 

Step 2: Come up with ideas for implementation

With a skilled staff, AV Vietnam will provide clients with innovative and striking ideas to draw guests and maximize event efficiency. 

Step 3: Send quotation and discuss with customers

With the benefit of experience and a wide range of all-inclusive services, AV Vietnam is confident in its ability to satisfy any client need. We will provide our consumers with a respectable selection of ideas.

Step 4: Sign the contract

We will execute the contract and commit the deposit after the service and price have been agreed upon by both parties.

Step 5: Prepare

At this point, AV Vietnam has made all the necessary preparations. In order to assign the right duties, we will work with our customers. With the benefits of staff, gear, and location, AV Vietnam can take a fully proactive and adaptable approach to this process. 

Step 6: Implementation

At this point, AV Vietnam has made all the necessary preparations. In order to assign the right duties, we will work with our customers. With the benefits of staff, gear, and location, AV Vietnam can take a fully proactive and adaptable approach to this process.

Step 7: End the event

Following the trade show, AV Vietnam will tidy up, dismantle the apparatus, and turn over the space. Following that, we'll measure the event outcomes and provide our customers with a comprehensive report.


The process of organizing exhibitions and fairs at AV Vietnam is very methodical and professional

Why should you use the exhibition and exhibition rental equipment service at AV Vietnam?

It takes work to plan an exhibition event successfully. Visit AV Vietnam to obtain the best business solutions available. We always place a premium on the caliber of our goods and services and pay close attention to every little thing to earn your confidence and complete pleasure.

Abundant experience

Every successful exhibition program is the result of a meticulous planning process that involves the whole crew. Everything from little aspects like booth arrangement, customer presents, and invitation design to larger tasks like developing program scripts and providing technical assistance demands attention to detail and refinement. For units that have never organized an exhibition before, it's a difficult assignment. Working with a seasoned event planner is thus the best course of action to guarantee a great event, support effective brand marketing, and generate income for the company. 

AV Vietnam is a prominent exhibition organizing company in Vietnam with over 12 years of experience and a high level of proficiency. As a result, you can feel totally confident in the caliber of the translation and the accomplishment of the events we plan. 

Clear commitment

Customer satisfaction is the yardstick by which AV Vietnam measures its performance. Perfect service quality, in our opinion, is what builds our reputation. For this reason, we promise to always work to offer the finest values for consumers using all of our resources and talents. 

  • Regarding time: We are committed to implementing on schedule or faster than schedule

  • About quality: We are committed to using equipment that meets quality standards, has a variety of designs, and updates trends.

  • Regarding personnel: Committed to working with a high sense of responsibility and dedicated service

Competitive costs

AV Vietnam prioritizes cost optimization for consumers in addition to providing high-quality services. Owning equipment warehouses in the North, Central, and South areas gives AV Vietnam the advantage over many other businesses in the market today when it comes to price. 


AV Vietnam is trusted and highly appreciated by customers

Typical exhibition fair projects implemented by AV Vietnam

Even the most picky clients have been won over by AV Vietnam thanks to their expertise in every way. It has been an honor for AV Vietnam to work alongside several sizable agencies and organizations on numerous ambitious initiatives. 

Taiwan Tourism Festival (December 2023)

This event takes place at Ho Chi Minh City's Van Hanh Mall on December 9–10, 2023, for two days. The event was a huge success, drawing hundreds of people with hopes of serving as a catalyst for tourism and a cultural link between this country and Vietnam. Inspired by Taiwan's Lunar New Year, this event has a theme. The room has the festival's signature red color, which makes it cozy. There are also ornamental elements like cherry trees, red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and a large stage space. Highlights of this event include tasting Taiwanese food, engaging in cross-cultural dialogue, and participating in some rituals and traditions like offering good luck charms, praying to the gods, and composing parallel phrases.

The following services are proudly provided by AV Vietnam to support this event: booth construction, lobby setup, sound and lighting, MC and dancing group, printing,...


Taiwan Tourism Festival brings guests many interesting experiences

Vietnam - Korea cultural exchange in Thai Binh (December 2023)

The biggest and most well-organized event to ever take place in Thai Binh is the Homecoming Day celebration for the Vietnam-Korea cultural exchange program. The purpose of the event is to respect the traditional cultural values of our friend Korea and Vietnam in general, with a focus on Thai Binh. In addition, this is a chance to collaborate, learn from one another, encourage investment, and raise investment. bolster the alliance between Korea and Vietnam.

Large Vietnamese and Korean companies and enterprises, including Samsung Electronics Group, Hitejinro Group, Daewoo E&C Group, Vietnam Electricity Group, and Vietnam Electricity Joint Stock Company Truong Hai Group, had approximately 400 booths at the event. 


Thai Binh Homecoming Day is the largest and most professional event ever held in Thai Binh

The music night, including Kwon Eunbi (Korea), Noo Phuoc Thinh & MONO (Vietnam), and other well-known Korean DJs, is the program's high point. The music night's international-standard stage, sound, and lighting system left a lasting impression on the almost 50,000 people who attended.

WCO 2023 Technology Fair and Exhibition (October 2023)

The World Customs Organization's (WCO) biggest yearly international event is the Technology Conference and Exhibition. "Welcoming the digital era: Applying technology, promoting innovation and nurturing the next generation of professional Customs" is the subject of the 2023 event, which will take place in Vietnam. About 1,200 attendees, 95 Customs agencies, organizations, corporations, and international delegations, together with 93 speakers and visitors, attended the three-day conference on October 10–12, 2023. During sessions, ask people to share and have discussions.


The Technology Conference and Exhibition is the largest annual international event of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

There were 48 exhibitors at the show showcasing cutting-edge technology from companies involved in commerce and customs. AV Vietnam manufactured and built the Publican booth, which is mostly composed of wood and oil painted, and is arguably the most spectacular. The booth's design is reminiscent of a container truck, down to the finely machined walls that are precisely sized at one to one. Additionally, other features are expertly crafted from the finest materials.


The Publican booth produced and constructed by AV Vietnam made a strong impression

AV Vietnam has a wealth of expertise planning major international events, which has greatly aided in the event's overall success. All of the services, including greeting guests and setting up lodging, meals, and transportation for delegates, are handled by us! In particular, we meticulously plan, prepare, and carry out the exhibition booth setup, stage design, and program ideas!

Vietnam-Korean Friendship Cultural Road Festival (December 2022)

On December 10–11, 2022, a two-day event commemorating the 30th anniversary of Vietnam and Vietnam's diplomatic ties was held at Tran Van Lai Street in the My Dinh urban section of the Nam Tu Liem district of Hanoi. December 22, 1992 - December 22, 2022). Korea.

Visitors were treated to an engaging experience area featuring a variety of captivating cultural and artistic events, such as a street performance festival, a Vietnamese-Korean culinary festival, and a Korean-Vietnamese music night featuring well-known bands and singers from both countries.


The Vietnam-Korean Friendship Cultural Road Festival attracts a large number of attendees

AV Vietnam is proud to have been selected by a Korean event company partner to accompany this large event with service items such as:

  • Set up and set up the booth

  • Set up the main stage and secondary stage systems

  • All sound and lighting equipment, LED screen, fire and smoke effects……

  •  Stage tent, tables, and chairs, event security fence

  • The media team includes filming and photography

  •  Security, protection, fire prevention, medical, ambulance...

  • Apply for a license to organize the event

All tasks are completed in a way that advances the program scientifically and efficiently thanks to meticulous planning from the outset, the AV Vietnam team, and its partners' resolve and agreement. prosperous. therefore supporting the development of a stronger and better friendship between Korea and Vietnam.

K-Expo Trade Fair (November 2022)

Held in Hanoi from October 15–18, 2022, K-EXPO 2022 is a significant occasion commemorating 30 years of diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam. In addition to being a chance for Korean small and medium-sized enterprises to grow their sales channels and collaborate with other businesses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the event was planned with the goal of promoting Korean culture. Asian.

The K-Culture exhibition, which runs from October 15–16, kicks off the K-EXPO program. It features exhibits that showcase Korean cuisine, fashion, and cosmetics, among other things, and is sure to pique the interest of visitors, particularly the younger ones.


K-Culture exhibition brings a series of booths imbued with Korean culture

On October 16, 2022, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the National Convention Center's Water Square, the K-Expo Concert will take place. This event will feature a collection of prominent Vietnamese and Korean artists, including Binz, JustaTee, Min, Baek Ji Young, Moonbin & Sanha Music Group, and most notably, the well-known Korean K-POP group AB6IX.


The K-Expo Concert was a feast for the eyes, with impressive performances

An exhibition encouraging the export of Korean goods for food, drink, technology, science, and creative content will take place at the conclusion of K-EXPO Vietnam 2022. Many companies from Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and Malaysia will be attending.

A thorough and precise management strategy is needed to set up the three events that will be part of the K-EXPO Vietnam 2022 Trade Fair, particularly the K-EXPO Concert music program. In order to guarantee perfect precision in every construction item, members of the organizing committee must not only possess advanced degrees in mechanical and technological systems but also a strong sense of collaboration and the ability to cooperate with ease.


The Expo is a significant event that needs to be planned carefully and executed expertly. For exhibits and fairs, AV Vietnam offers all-inclusive solutions, such as site consultation, license applications, concept generation, activity planning, booth design and construction, equipment, and staffing. Please get in touch with us right away if you want to be the owner of a program that makes a lasting impression on participants' perceptions of your company and products!

“AV Vietnam - The leading Convention - Event - Expo equipment organizer”