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AV Vietnam specializes in professional and reputable full-service event equipment rental

Renting event equipment is a wise choice to organize events effectively and economically. It helps the program run smoothly and shows flexibility in preparation. From sound and lighting to technical equipment, all are fully provided by the supplier. Additionally, this eliminates post-use maintenance concerns, allowing the team to focus on the project. To learn about the necessary equipment during event organization and find a professional, reputable event equipment rental address, read the article below from AV Vietnam for more information.


AV Vietnam - Full event equipment rental unit

Why should you use event equipment rental services?

When planning a conference, renting the necessary equipment is vital for the event's success. Choosing experienced and professional providers is key to ensuring precise planning and the most efficient budget management.


Choosing a professional partner in event organization is indispensable for projects of all sizes. Experienced companies in this field often handle the challenge of being flexible and maintaining a stable work process. Using services from reputable businesses with many years of experience, you can be assured of the quality and efficiency of work. This not only ensures adequate supply and efficient operation of equipment but also contributes to the overall success of the event. Professionalism is a key factor in helping every project succeed and leave a good impression on customers.

Clear plan

Preparing a clear plan for event equipment rental involves setting delivery and return schedules, budget management, and plan execution. These measures help organizers stay on track and prevent errors. Conducting pre-handover checks to suppliers, anticipating potential deployment situations. All these steps contribute to a well-structured plan, ensuring a smooth and efficient event.

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Clear planning for event equipment rental helps limit errors

Cost savings

Many businesses opt for this choice due to its cost-saving benefits. Rather than allocating a significant budget for purchases, engaging an external rental unit resolves financial constraints. Furthermore, utilizing rental services not only saves time and costs for organizations but also guarantees quality and flexibility throughout the organizing process.

AV Vietnam provides full event equipment rental services

AV Vietnam stands out as one of Vietnam's premier equipment rental and event-organizing companies. With over 16 years of industry expertise, a team of highly skilled professionals, and top-notch equipment, we are your ideal choice. Operating across three branches in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City, we assure comprehensive service coverage nationwide.

Our offerings encompass a wide array of services, including sound and lighting equipment, tables and chairs, stages, projectors, LED screens, TVs, backdrops, puppetry, tent rentals, event gates, umbrellas, round tables, staffing, and many more event essentials.


 AV Vietnam provides a full package of professional event equipment rental services

Renting services from AV Vietnam guarantees customers and businesses quality and competitive pricing. Our staff offers tailored consultations, supplies all required equipment, delivers it directly to the venue, and ensures proper installation to meet technical standards. Throughout the rental period, our team provides continuous support, closely monitors operations, and promptly resolves any issues that may arise.

Lighting and sound rental

It can be said that sound and lighting are key components in the event organization process. They provide visually stunning performances that allow customers to appreciate the sophistication aimed for in the program. Depending on the theme, venue, scale, and number of attendees, customers consider suitable sound and lighting packages. Understanding this, AV Vietnam provides a complete range of services, including:

  • Sound equipment:  Full-range speakers, subwoofers, monitor speakers, CD players, karaoke systems, wireless microphones, gooseneck microphones, interpretation headsets, speaker cabinets, mixers, amplifiers,...

  • Lighting equipment: Moving lights, LED lights, par lights, rotating ball lights, halogen floodlights, light control power supplies, smoke machines, color control light mixers, rotating fireworks,...


Sound and light contribute to the success of the program

Event table and chair rental

Nowadays, events pay great attention to aesthetic elements in decoration, so seating arrangements are also carefully considered. Depending on the characteristics of the event, customers can choose suitable chairs for conferences, seminars, grand openings, etc. AV Vietnam will bring you many diverse choices, such as stainless steel tables and chairs, sofas, plastic tables and chairs, bar chairs, banquet tables and chairs, etc. These diverse seating designs will meet customer needs and ensure comfort for attendees.


 Tables and chairs suitable for the owner enhance the aesthetics of the decoration

Event stage rental

The stage system is an essential component of any event's success. It acts as the center of attention, drawing guests in and providing a venue for all the amazing creative and cultural events. A carefully planned and well-invested stage, in terms of appearance and materials, is necessary for memorable performances that create a lasting impression on the audience. AV Vietnam provides a range of stage types, including classic stages and modular mobile stages, that may be adapted for customers' needs through stage rentals.

  • Stage Traditional: The construction unit will be permanently erected at the selected site and designed according to the needs of the customer.

  • Mobile Stage: Due to its adaptability, wide range of sizes, and varied designs, this kind of stage is preferred. Furthermore, it is utilized in the creation of 3D stages, enabling construction companies to provide precise recommendations to clients based on it.



Stage - a place that attracts all eyes

Projector rental

Because of the advantages they offer, projectors are becoming increasingly used at conferences, events, etc. They are a great help when making presentations that wow the audience, but the cost should be carefully evaluated based on the use and purpose. Projector maintenance is different from conventional electronic equipment maintenance, thus mistreatment can result in bulb and component failures very fast.

For this reason, AV Vietnam's rental service for projectors is renowned for being the best and most efficient option. Always the first choice for clients, it boasts expert equipment, knowledgeable staff, and affordable rental costs.



Modern projectors bring you impressive shows

LED screen rental

LED screens are always the first choice when you're tired of backgrounds printed on PP and Formex or constructed of Hiflex canvas. The use of this projection technology will result in a dynamic and contemporary ambiance with sharp pictures and a blend of contemporary technology. Indoor LED screens (P3), outdoor LED screens (P4), single-color, three-color, and full-color LED screens are examples of popular screen types. To give consumers the most experience possible, our unit will offer a fair service package based on client demands and budget.

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LED screens provide quality, vivid images

Backdrop rental

For each significant event, backdrop design and construction are essential. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the material projected on backgrounds conveys the event's concept and message. You may use AV Vietnam to design, print, and build backdrops in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials, including:

  • Soft, luxurious silk backdrop

  • Sturdy, classic wooden backdrop

  • Sharp, lifelike printed vinyl backdrop

  • Exquisite paper flower backdrop, diverse in color


Highly aesthetic backdrop design and construction

Inflatable puppet rental

At most events, getting people to notice is crucial, thus many choose to greet attendees with inflatable puppets that have been positioned at the door. Putting inflatable puppets at the front gate leaves a lasting impression on guests and improves the audience's perception of the brand. To guard against weather-related damage, equipment is now frequently furnished with an extra UV-resistant coating, contingent upon the demands of the user. While many rental companies have a wide range of styles, it might be difficult to choose one that offers both affordable prices and premium goods. Acknowledging this, AV Vietnam offers customized inflatable gate and event puppet rental services with a wide selection of styles at the most affordable prices.


Renting an Inflatable puppet is part of the success of the event

Event round table rental

Any event's visual attractiveness is greatly influenced by the tables and chairs that are chosen. Choosing the right kind of tables, matching tablecloths, and setting them up according to the event's theme are all examples of professionalism. Because they satisfy these requirements, round tables are frequently the best option. You won't be let down since AV Vietnam specializes in renting out high-quality tables and chairs in a range of designs.

  • Rent round banquet tables for opening ceremonies, groundbreaking ceremonies, inauguration ceremonies,...

  • Round table rental for year-end parties, gala dinners,...

  • Rent round tables for parties, birthdays, company parties,...


The event round table determines the aesthetics of the party

Event staff rental

Behind every successful project, there is always the dedicated work of the team. That's why event personnel rental services are established to support organizations and businesses throughout the organizing process. With years of experience in event management, AV Vietnam provides professional artistic performance services to customers. Furthermore, their staff undergo thorough training, possess high technical expertise, and can handle incidents promptly, ensuring the success of the program.

Services at AV Vietnam include:

  • Band rental

  • Singer rental

  • MC rental

  • Model rental

  • Dance group rental

  • Promotional staff (PG) rental

  • Studio personnel rental


Event personnel are the people behind making the parties successful

How to choose a professional event equipment rental company

Finding a professional rental unit is not a challenging question that troubles many. Because there are many units available on the market at competitive prices, to choose an experienced partner that brings success to projects, relying on the following four criteria will help you solve the problem:

Long history

The first criterion is the company's growth process; evaluating the rental unit's dependability requires careful consideration of its operational history. Customer psychology suggests that customers choose more established products over more recent ones. Due to the advancement of information technology, the majority of businesses now spend money on digital platform branding. You may thus study the company's website for consideration and selection to gain a better understanding of the operational history, formation process, and noteworthy tasks that the unit has performed.


The longer the company's history, the higher its reputation

Competency Profile

Capability profiles are thought of as succinct overviews of every company. A corporation would have its strengths even in the same field. For instance, some businesses concentrate on honing their conference and event planning skills, but some businesses have an edge in offering and renting out event organization services. Partners and clients may quickly evaluate the professionalism of the unit's services and choose them by looking through these profiles. Capability profiles show the unit's initiatives, field experience, and core beliefs. They help establish if partners can fulfill the demands made by clients. The greater the competence profile, the stronger the association between the supplier's reputation and the caliber of services rendered.

Have a plan for the stages of event implementation and operation

A thorough implementation and operating strategy is essential for every credible rental firm of event equipment. The plan comprises specific actions, getting ready, overseeing every category, and handling problems as they arise.

Determine customer needs

Providers need to assess consumer demands before delivering services. Get together and talk about objectives and size to have a general understanding of what clients anticipate. This contributes to the creation of a rental service that surpasses clients' expectations while also satisfying their demands.


There should be meetings to set specific goals for customers

Planning between partners and suppliers

Consideration must be given serious thought to reputation, experience, and responsiveness of service when selecting strategic partners. Companies that rent out technical equipment, lighting, sound, projection screens, and other event necessities are examples of partners. Partnerships with trustworthy partners lower the likelihood of unforeseen issues occurring while also ensuring stability and high service standards. Additionally, building ties with suppliers ensures a high-quality supply, facilitates straightforward negotiations, and takes long-term collaboration into account.

Check and maintain equipment

It must be ensured that the service will go through inspection and maintenance before it is used by the user to make sure all of the technical components are working properly. To preserve each piece of equipment's performance, general inspections, functional checks, and recurring maintenance are the first steps in this process. This work guarantees that the tool will continue to function well in the long run in addition to just identifying issues.

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Carefully check equipment before reaching consumers

Follow-up and support

In addition to offering rental services, our primary focus is on technical system management and monitoring, which enables us to promptly identify and address issues. The technical team will put in endless effort to guarantee that every facet of the project is under control and that issues don't come up.


Staff always closely follow the program to promptly resolve arising problems

Many services work together

It would be hard to discuss event equipment rental without mentioning the seamless coordination between services, which is crucial to producing visually appealing programs. In addition to providing sound and lighting equipment, the rental unit also needs seamless collaboration with various departments, including:

  • Technical services

  • Design and decoration services

  • Logistics services, transportation

  • Technical services

  • Customer support services


Many services support each other in completing the project

Detailed quote for event equipment rental services

With over 16 years of expertise managing projects of all sizes, AV Vietnam consistently works to provide new services that best satisfy the demands of its clients. Among the service categories are:

  • Sound and light system

  • Stage installation

  • Projection, LED screen

  • Backdrop design, booth construction

  • Providing personnel

  • And other categories

In addition, if customers need or want to rent equipment for organizing events or online conferences, please contact our staff via Hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice. and more specific quotes.


 AV Vietnam's audio equipment

Which events should you choose Event equipment rental service?

Not only is this a wise purchase, but it will also work as a useful tool for all programs. The service helps to handle every technical detail that will make your project successful, from official conferences to exciting music concerts.

Company anniversary event

On the occasion of the company's foundation anniversary, it is possible to reflect on how the business has evolved from its inception to the present. The celebration serves as a reminder of significant anniversaries for all employees. To highlight success tales, the lighting and sound systems need to be prioritized, and outstanding performances will add to the program's uniqueness.


The 25th anniversary of the establishment of Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam 

Music event organization

Good sound systems are necessary for live music events like concerts to captivate audiences. Special effects and lighting technologies enhance the mystery and create a multisensory experience in the performance venue. To produce the best possible program for people to participate in, the concert program combines all services, including lighting, sound, LED screens, performance effects, and interactive technology.


The K-Expo music event is undertaken by AV Vietnam

Organize year-end events

The party's primary goal is to provide a summary of the previous year's events and recognize the accomplishments that the firm has worked hard to achieve, setting the stage for growth in the upcoming year. Professionalism is also needed for the year-end party's organizing, from space planning and décor to investing in a quality music system.


The vibrant and joyful SMC year-end party was performed by AV Vietnam

The company organizes teambuilding events

In every team, having a strong sense of unity is essential. They enhance departmental and divisional collaboration, boost output, and inspire staff members. Team-building is seen to be the most successful exercise when it comes to fostering a sense of community. Businesses can opt to arrange themselves or hire services from a third party, depending on the size and purpose. Whatever the shape, there are a few key service components that must be guaranteed, such as the projector, LED screen, and stage. Steam gates, stage lighting...


Team-building events are joyful and exciting

Organize company birthday events

A company's birthday is seen as a milestone in the establishment and growth of the enterprise. This is also a chance to strengthen the bonds among team members and provide the team with the most recent instructions. If a company's birthday celebration is to be successful, it has to include a well-written screenplay in addition to strong sound and lighting design. This category is frequently chosen for significant budgetary investments to guarantee the highest quality.

AV Vietnam - Affirming quality instead of words

AV Vietnam is not only an event service rental unit but also the unit behind organizing large-scale programs. With the desire to bring customers quality programs to enhance the experience of participants. We always focus on investing in equipment, ensuring each project brings unforgettable impressions. AV Vietnam constantly strives to become a leader in the industry but also to create quality products domestically and internationally.

Possessing a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff who are always ready to accompany you. AV Vietnam, we are not only a service provider but also a trusted companion in each of our customers' events.


AV Vietnam unit has a lot of experience in the field

Many combined services

In the event equipment rental industry, combining many services is seen as a "plus point" as it may improve client satisfaction and provide flexibility for the business. In addition to offering top-notch services, the unit has several coordinating components to guarantee the project is completed.

  • Design and decoration services

  • Sound and lighting services

  • Transportation and installation service

  • Advertising and communication services

  • Information technology services

  • Catering service


Providing many services for grand parties

Long-standing experience

After more than sixteen years of experience in the field of conference, seminar, event, and equipment rental organization, AV Vietnam has established a strong reputation for excellence both domestically and internationally. Our extensive experience and the significant projects we have worked on have demonstrated our competence in every regard:

  • Build a team of specialized staff

  • Develop diversity in services

  • Update trends and technology

  • Create strong relationships with partners and suppliers

  • Put credibility first

  • Committed to quality and relentless innovation


AV Vietnam operates in many fields with many years of experience in the profession

Some typical event equipment rental projects

In its time in business, AV Vietnam has worked on several significant projects. Every project represents a significant turning point in our growth that we must strive to achieve to reach the global stage. Here are a few examples of common projects:

  • Workshop Of Vietnam Logistic Service Business Association

  • EPPIC Workshop

  • The 41st Anniversary of the Establishment of the Intellectual Property Office

  • Toan A JSC's 20th Anniversary

  • 2023 Decade Consumer Conference

  • International Scientific Conference

  • World Customs Organization (WCO) Technology Conference and Exhibition

  • Opening of Liugong Machinery Vietnam Co., Ltd

  • Southeast Asia Leaders Conference 2023


Renting event equipment always occupies a significant portion of the budget in the financial plan of any program. Only when using the most modern, high-quality equipment does the program unfold more explosively, professionally, and memorably. Here, AV Vietnam has just compiled all the information revolving around the topic of event equipment and reputable rental addresses - nationwide, with good quality and reasonable prices. If you need to rent or organize a full-service event, please contact AV Vietnam at hotline numbers 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for the fastest advice and support!