Professional sound and lighting rental service nationwide

Lighting and sound equipment play a crucial role in conveying information and contribute significantly to enhancing the ambiance of an event space. Hence, these devices are often referred to as the "heart and soul" of every event. AV Vietnam specializes in providing professional sound and lighting rental services nationwide, ensuring the most successful events at the most optimal costs.


Sound and light are the "soul" of events

The important role of event sound and lighting

Sound and lighting are the two most important factors in evaluating the success and quality of an event. These devices play an important role in improving the MC's sound, singer's voice, and performance effects, bringing a harmonious experience for both auditory and visual senses to the audience.

This is also a factor that helps stimulate emotions, making the audience excited and completely immersed in the show's atmosphere. It can be said that sound and light are the "keys" that determine the success of the entire event.


Sound and light are means to help convey information and messages of the event

Advantages of renting sound and lighting

Why do businesses choose sound and lighting rental service solutions instead of buying them themselves? Let's find out with AV Vietnam the advantages of this solution:

Helps businesses save costs

To buy sound and lighting equipment, businesses will have to spend a large amount of money. In addition to purchasing costs, it is also necessary to consider periodic maintenance costs to ensure they do not break down. Therefore, choosing to rent sound and lighting from professional units is the most reasonable solution.


To invest in event equipment, you need to spend a lot of money

Suitable for each event

Usually, businesses will organize many different events, such as product launch ceremonies, customer conferences, and year-end parties. Each type of event has its own unique nature. Therefore, when purchasing equipment yourself, sometimes it is only suitable for some specific events and does not have the expected effectiveness for other events.


Businesses often organize many different types of events

Transport and operate the equipment easily

Corporate events do not only take place at a fixed location but can be held in many different locations. Therefore, when choosing a sound and light rental solution, businesses do not need to worry about transportation, saving time and costs.

In addition, throughout the event organization process, the service provider will support businesses in operating and handling arising risks with a team of professional personnel.


Renting sound and lighting has outstanding advantages compared to investing in purchasing it yourself

AV Vietnam rents full sound and lighting packages

Our full sound and lighting rental service will provide customers with a convenient and comprehensive solution with a full range of equipment, including:

  • Sound: speaker system, microphone, mixing desk, and other supporting devices (sockets, connection wires, etc.)
  • Lighting: lighting systems, lighting equipment, and equipment to create special lighting effects.

Instead of spending a lot of time searching and contacting multiple suppliers, customers can use AV Vietnam's comprehensive services for consultation, installation, and professional technical personnel to handle everything from A to Z during the event.


Full service, including full equipment and support personnel from A-Z

Lighting and sound rental process at AV Vietnam

The procedure for renting sound and lighting equipment at AV Vietnam is extremely simple, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for our customers. The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Customers contact AV Vietnam to provide information about the type of event, event space, and specific equipment needs, including the quantity required.
  2. AV Vietnam advises on suitable solutions for the customer's event.
  3. AV Vietnam provides a detailed quotation for the services (including rental fees, installation costs, and any additional charges if applicable).
  4. Customers confirm the service, and both parties sign the contract.
  5. AV Vietnam prepares the necessary equipment and personnel.
  6. AV Vietnam installs the equipment according to the agreed-upon quantity, models, and schedule.
  7. AV Vietnam conducts technical checks to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and to prevent any issues before the event.
  8. During the event, AV Vietnam technicians provide support and address any technical issues.
  9. After the event, AV Vietnam dismantles the equipment, and both parties settle the contract.


Professional equipment rental process brings convenience to customers

Common mistakes when renting a sound and lighting system

In today's market, there are numerous companies offering event sound and lighting rental services. While this provides convenience, it also poses challenges for customers in finding quality, reputable services. Below are some pitfalls to avoid when renting sound and lighting equipment.

Not providing sufficient information and requirements to suppliers

Sound and lighting rental service providers rely on event details such as timing, location, scale, and specific requirements to ensure the smooth execution of the event. Insufficient information from the client can lead to providers fulfilling the client's wishes incorrectly or inadequately, resulting in significant impacts on the event.


If the customer does not provide enough event information, the equipment rental unit cannot provide a suitable solution

Desire for cheap services

Many customers often want to save money, but choosing between cheap offers can put them at risk. Although low prices may be attractive, it has been proven that cheap services often do not guarantee the quality, which can affect the success of the event. Therefore, choosing quality service at a reasonable price is something customers need to consider carefully.


Price often goes hand in hand with quality

Quick decision

To minimize unnecessary risks, the process of choosing a sound and lighting supplier for an event needs to be done carefully. However, sometimes, renting equipment close to the event date can reduce the time for research, or the customer may lack the necessary information, leading to a hasty decision and choosing a service. Unreliable service seriously affected the quality of the event. The advice here is to spend enough time to learn about the partner you are about to cooperate with, read reviews from previous customers, and make careful comparisons and choices to ensure a good decision. as accurate as possible!


Choosing an event sound and lighting supplier needs to be researched.

Not checking equipment quality

Technical issues can cause problems and affect the quality of the event. Therefore, after the supplier completes the sound and lighting setup, you must check their quality before handing over the equipment for use in the official event. This step will help you avoid unexpected technical problems, caused by other factors beyond your control.


Checking equipment when renting is necessary

Do not sign a service contract

The contract is the most important document to protect customers' rights. However, there are different reasons why some users may ignore this document. This is an extremely serious mistake because there is a risk of facing legal and financial problems. Therefore, to avoid unwanted consequences, be sure to sign a contract before using sound and lighting services!


The contract is a document that helps protect customers' rights

Experience in renting sound and lighting for events

Sound and light are two important factors in event organization. Therefore, when renting these devices, you need to make carefully calculated and considered choices. Below are some useful experiences for you:

Suitable for the nature of the event

First, you need to determine the nature of the event. The nature of the event will affect the decision on what types of sound and lighting equipment to use. For example, for small meeting programs, a 2-speaker or 4-speaker system can also be fully responsive. As for large events with musical performances, you need to invest in a hanging speaker system and high-capacity lighting equipment.


The nature of the event determines the equipment to rent

Suitable for the venue

Next, you need to determine where the event will take place, whether it is indoors or outdoors. These two types of spaces have different factors, such as reverberation, the presence of obstacles, and different acoustic requirements, so you need to use speakers accordingly. In case the event takes place outdoors in a large area, it is necessary to have sound and lighting with high power and the ability to withstand the external environment. The number of devices must also increase to ensure the complete transmission of information to all attendees.


Outdoor spaces need to rent more equipment than indoor spaces

Based on the number of guests

The number of guests participating will determine the quantity and capacity of the sound and light equipment. Therefore, you should ask the supplier for advice on the appropriate type of equipment and quantity so that it is both effective and cost-effective. Normally, for large-scale events, the best option is to use a hanging speaker system with a maximum sound coverage of 200m.


Large-scale events often use hanging speakers

Budget estimate

After identifying the factors impacting sound and lighting rentals, you can then gauge the suitable budget for this aspect. If your budget is limited, opting for customized services rather than a comprehensive package is advisable. By paying solely for essential services, you can save money. Additionally, negotiating with suppliers is beneficial. They might offer tailored services or suggest cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Typically, allocating 10 - 15% of the total budget for the sound and lighting system at each event is recommended.


Costs for sound and lighting usually account for 10 - 15% of the total cost

Detailed quote for sound and lighting rental services

AV Vietnam is the leading provider of professional sound and lighting services nationwide. Below is a detailed price list of various service packages, allowing businesses to select the package that best fits their budget and program content.

Sound package

Audio equipment serves as a means for event organizers to convey the event message to attendees. Smooth, high-quality sound aids in guiding the emotions of attendees more effectively. The types and quantities of equipment at each event will vary depending on the size of the audience.


Event sound has many rental packages according to scale

1 20-30 guests

2 Behringer or JBL speakers

1 with 800W power

1 Soundcraft mixer console

2 wireless microphones

Computer + connecting cables

1 operating technician

From 1.500.000 
2 40-70 guests

4 Behringer or JBL speakers

2 with 1500W power each

1 Soundcraft mixer console

2 wireless microphones

Computer + connecting cables

2 operating technicians

From 2.500.000
3 70-100 guests

4 RCF column speakers

2 RCF single subwoofers

3 with 1500W power each

4 wireless microphones

1 DBX signal processor unit

1 Dynacord mixer console

2 operating technicians

From 3.800.000
4 100-130 guests

4 RCF column speakers

2 RCF single subwoofers

2 regular speakers

1 DBX 260 signal processor unit

1 Yamaha mixer console

4 wireless microphones

3 with 2500W each

From 5.000.000
5 150-250 guests

6 RCF column speakers

2 RCF dual subwoofers

2 monitor speakers

4 with 2500W power each

4 wireless microphones

1 Yamaha mixer console

1 DBX 260 signal processor unit

Computer and connecting jack cables

From 6.500.000
6 250 - 400 guests

8 RCF column speakers

4 monitor speakers

2 dual JBL subwoofers

4 with 2500W power each

6 wireless microphones

1 Yamaha mixer console

1 DBX 260 signal processor unit

3 operating technicians

From 8.500.000
7 400-700 guests

8 Audiocenter line array speakers

4 monitor speakers

4 dual subwoofers

7 with 2500W power each

6 wireless microphones

1 DBX 260 signal processor unit

1 Yamaha digital mixer console

4 operating technicians

Computer and connecting jack cables

From 11.000.000
8 Unlimited

16 audio center line array speakers

4 monitor speakers

4 dual Audiocenter subwoofers

10 with 2500W power each

10 wireless microphones

1 DBX 260 signal processor unit

1 Yamaha digital mixer console

6 operating technicians

Computer and connecting jack cables

From 18.000.000

*** Quotation is for reference only, please contact us directly for detailed advice.

Light package

Lighting equipment plays a crucial role in creating an impressive atmosphere, making the stage stand out, thus leaving a strong visual impression and touching the emotions of the audience. Dynamic lights such as moving head beams, LED par lights, or laser lights combined with lively sound create an engaging experience, drawing the audience into the ongoing event. Please refer to the detailed price list below:


Quality lighting system helps make the event more perfect

1 50-100 guests

12 LED Par lights (3w*54) for stage color washing

3 Lighting poles with a height of 3m each

Digital Mixing Board Tager Touch II

Accessories kit including cables, signal wires, and connectors

2 technicians

From 1.700.000
2 100-200 guests

12 Stage color-washing LED Par lights (3 w*54)

8 Daylight Par lights with 4 bulbs 400W each

4 Moving Beam lights 350W SVT

2 Automatic rotating lighting poles with a height of 3m each

1 3000W smoke machine for stage effects

1 Digital Mixer Table Tiger Touch II

Accessories kit including cables, signal wires, and connectors

2 technicians


From 3.500.000
3 200 - 500 guests

20-stage color-washing LED Par lights (3w*54) bulbs

12 Par 64 Halogen lights, 1000w for stage illumination

12 Moving Beam lights, 350W SVT

1 3000W smoke machine

2 Automatic rotating lighting poles with a height of 3m each

1 Digital Mixer Table, Tiger Touch II

Accessories kit, including cables and signal wires

2 technicians

From 7.000.000
4 500-700 guests

30 LED Par lights (3w*54)

16 Par 64 Halogen lights

Weinas lights

16 Moving Beam lights, 350W SVT

6 Beam – Wash – Sport 350W skylights

6 Halogen blinder lights

2 3000W smoke machines

1 Follow Spotlight Lightsky 17R for singer, performer lighting

1 Digital Mixer Table, Tiger Touch II

Accessories kit, including cables, signal wires

2 technicians2 technicians

From 12.000.000

*** The price list is for reference only, please contact us directly for detailed advice.

Some projects AV Vietnam has implemented

For many years, AV Vietnam has provided logistics services and successfully organized thousands of events and conferences for more than 5,000 domestic and foreign customers. With professionalism, creativity, and meticulousness in each project, AV Vietnam constantly updates the latest trends to bring the most optimal service solutions to customers.

UNICITY - Southeast Asia Leaders Conference 2023 (November 2023)

The 2023 Southeast Asia Leadership Conference is the event marking the first activities of UNICITY's second decade in the Vietnamese market. Taking place at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center - SECC No. 799 Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, District 7, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, the event attracted more than 7,000 leaders, distributors, and guests from countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, India, ... and Vietnam. AV Vietnam has significantly contributed to bringing an unprecedented jubilant and vibrant atmosphere to this international event. Among them, we can mention the super smooth sound system with line array speakers, Sub-Woofer DB Technology 218, Front Fill DB Technology System, and stage monitor DB Technology E10... Along with quality lighting systems including: Moving Head Beam Spot Wash 3in1, Moving Head Beam 450, Moving LED Wash, LED Parcan Light 4in1, Par LED COB, strobe light, Daylight, Follow Spot Light, smoke generator...


The 2023 Southeast Asian Leaders Conference is an international event

Gala dinner of World Safety and Mining Conference 2023 (September 2023)

Within the framework of the world aviation safety conference hosted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a special gala dinner event with the theme "Royal Night" took place at Thang Long Imperial Citadel (Hanoi). The event saw the participation of nearly 500 leadership delegates from airlines and international organizations. Outstanding performances in the program included the New Life bamboo orchestra led by conductor Dong Quang Vinh, which showcased the collection of 30 ao dai from the La Sen Vu Tuong brand, symbolizing 30 years of formation and development of the National Airlines. "Royal Night" not only honored Vietnamese culture but also helped enhance the image and reputation of the Vietnamese aviation industry among international friends. The national airline received great appreciation for its efforts to contribute to Vietnam's cultural space and national heritage. Contributing to this success were the professional organization and high-quality sound and lighting equipment systems provided by the AV Vietnam team.


Special Gala dinner with the theme "Royal Night" successfully contributed to honoring Vietnamese culture

2023 Seen Festival in Hoi An (June 2023)

This is a Korean music festival event co-organized by Vision Siam and Hoiana Resort & Golf. The program brings together a series of A-list stars from Korea, such as Taeyang, BoA, Hyo, Aespa, KARD, Kihyun, Kim Woo Seok, Raiden, and the famous band from Thailand, Trinity_TNT. The event attracted the attention of millions of fans.

This event will be heavily invested in both stage, sound, and lighting, along with a giant LED screen system. In particular, the digital mixing console used in the 2023 SEEN festival is the Quantum 225 from Digico - the type being used in many music festivals and live concerts around the world, such as Coachella, Tribu Festival, Victorious Festival, Revolution, etc.


Korean music festival Seen Festival 2023 attracts millions of fans

Vietnam - Korea Friendship Cultural Road Festival (December 2022)

This is a special event held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea. The event provided attendees with an exciting experiential space with many attractive cultural and artistic activities. One of the big challenges facing AV Vietnam is that the program is held in a new location, Tran Van Lai Street (My Dinh Song Da Urban Area, Hanoi), which is considered a Korean neighborhood in Hanoi. The stage of staging and setup encountered many difficulties. However, with careful preparation right from planning, work items are carried out scientifically and effectively. Even though the time was tight, all items from the main stage area, welcome gate, check-in area, and experience booth were completed to meet all technical and aesthetic requirements.


The Vietnam - Korea Friendship Cultural Road Festival has brought an attractive experience space

K-EXPO Concert 2022 music party (October 2022)

The K-EXPO Concert 2022 is one of the three main activities within the framework of the "K-EXPO VIETNAM 2022" exhibition, organized to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Vietnam. The event took place at the National Convention Center with over 8,000 attendees. Before the concert, AV Vietnam had only four days to complete all tasks and had to focus all its manpower on the event, with up to 250 people involved at one point. The lineup featured renowned artists from both countries, such as BinZ, Baek Z Young, JustaTee, and Min. The performances by these artists were highly successful, greatly aided by the support of a modern sound and lighting system, leaving a memorable impression on thousands of audience members.


K-EXPO Concert 2022 has the participation of famous stars

Why is AV Vietnam trusted and chosen by customers?

In all participating projects, AV Vietnam always advises customers on the most effective solutions while still ensuring optimal costs and efficiency. AV Vietnam gradually conquers customers with service quality and always receives trust and high appreciation for capacity from customers and partners.

Extensive experience and reputation

AV Vietnam was established in 2008. Up to now, AV Vietnam has 15 years of experience and more than 5,000 implemented projects. We carry out every stage of the organization, even the smallest, meticulously, bringing satisfaction to even the most demanding guests. Therefore, the unit has been trusted by many large businesses to handle important projects such as BIDV (office opening ceremony, year-end party, family festival, etc.); Eva de Eva (Foundation celebration, year-end party); FLC (Product launch ceremony, kick-off ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony...); Dairy Group (company trip); Aiwado (International Conference Series), DK Bike (National Customer Conference).


AV Vietnam organizes a variety of events

Providing a variety of event equipment

The sound and lighting equipment provided by AV Vietnam are all modern, high-quality products. Additionally, we offer a full range of interpretation equipment, online conference equipment, and ceremonial equipment such as ribbon-cutting sets, inauguration button presses, LED balls, and more. Our equipment list is continually researched and updated to follow trends and quickly supplement to serve our customers' needs to the best of our ability.


AV Vietnam continuously updates and adds new equipment according to trends

Clear commitment to customers

Using the sound and lighting rental service at AV Vietnam, customers always receive clear commitments, including:

Businesses will receive a majestic and professional sound and lighting system.

  • Good sound quality, satisfying even demanding and sound-savvy guests
  • Good color light, no blur when taking photos
  • The quality of sound and lighting equipment is always guaranteed. Genuine
  • Veteran and professional sound and lighting technicians are always ready to support customers.
  • Closed sound system with absolute safety. The device installation process is quick. Does not affect the event program
  • Lighting and sound rental service at the best prices.

Not only with equipment rental services but with all other organizational services, AV Vietnam complies with these commitments as an important part of building trust with customers and establishing the reputation of the company. company. For us, quality is always the top priority!


AV Vietnam is committed to ensuring service quality

Competency Profile

From the first headquarters located in the North, after 15 years of operation and development, AV Vietnam has expanded its scale, with branches in both the Central and Southern regions. Especially two new branches in the international market: Thailand and Singapore. AV Vietnam's strategic goal and vision are to become one of the top 10 event organizers in Southeast Asia. In addition, AV Vietnam also owns a team of elite personnel, highly appreciated for their diligence, creativity, and carefulness.

In addition to its strengths in event organization, conferences, and equipment, AV Vietnam also smoothly combines with other services such as: human resources, transportation, accommodation, booking, filming, photography, etc. to create a system. Comprehensive ecology, meeting all customer needs.


AV Vietnam provides a comprehensive service ecosystem

Have a plan for the stages of event implementation and operation

With AV Vietnam, the brand's reputation is created through the success of conferences and events that the unit has directly implemented, from idea generation, and planning to choosing the venue, operation, and implementation... In participating in projects, we always offer the most reasonable solutions for customers to save costs while still ensuring success.


AV Vietnam always offers the most reasonable solutions for customers


So, we have just learned together about the important role of sound and lighting for the event, the advantages of renting full equipment, and other things to keep in mind. For the event to achieve the best results, you need to choose a reputable and professional equipment supplier to advise and design sound and lighting systems suitable for your event.


AV Vietnam has 15 years of equipment rental experience

AV Vietnam is a unit with 15 years of experience renting professional sound and lighting nationwide. We have successfully organized thousands of large and small events in all fields, from domestic to international. Experience our service to receive satisfaction beyond your expectations!


100% of customers are satisfied when using AV Vietnam's services

For any information requiring advice or service support, please contact:

Hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911

Hanoi Office: 27-29 Doan Thi Diem, Dong Da

Da Nang Office: 217 Tran Phu, Hai Chau

City Office. Ho Chi Minh: 05 Hoa Cau, Phu Nhuan

Email: Info@hoabinh-group.com


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